Cast scratcher scratch itch cast 16" length rounded head separable handle flexible ABS

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Bumpy head and flexible body gently slips inside the cast and rubs effectively.
Perfect solution for itchy cast.

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Key features
1. Patent design
    Rounded and bumpy head - effectively scratch itch without damaging your skin or cast.
    Can separate the scratcher from the handle and carry more handy. 
castscratcher w separable handle
<castscratcher w separable handle>

2. Safe and Convenient
    Flexibly follows the contour of your arm or leg.
    Slips easily and smoothly inside the cast.
    No sharp points or edges - doesn’t cause pain or skin irritation.
    16" length - can be used for both leg and arm casts.

3. Size - 33cm (12.9") in length + 8cm (3") handle
             MUST check the size very carefully and DO NOT say ‘It's bigger/smaller than I thought’.
long and lightweight castscratcher
<long and lightweight castscratcher>

     Material - ABS, PE
     Weight - 26g
     Color - Random

4. Caution
     DO NOT use if you have a wound in the cast or scratch or had surgery on the area. Can cause infections by stimulating the wounds.
     Do not scratch too much at a time.

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