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Key features
1. Set includes:
    1 Mesh vest + 1 Pouch + 2 Super ice packs + 2 Small pouches(for front pockets) + 4 Small ice packs(for front pockets)
ice vest with cooling pack pouches
<ice vest with cooling pack pouches>

2. How to use - easy!
    1) Freeze the ice pack - about 7 hours.
    2) Put the ice pack into the pouch.
    3) Put the pouch into the pocket of the vest.   
cooling vest with ice pack
<cooling vest with ice pack>

3. Advanced cooling - stronger and longer lasting.
  1) Super ice pack - 27 x 19cm      
      Special gel included - lasts a lot longer.
      Ice packs are disposable goods and need to be replaced by time.
      How long? - Entirely depends on your wearing condition! Based on the temperature, ice packs may need to be replaced every 4~7 hours. We provide one more set of ice packs so that you can have a spare.
     Make sure freezing the pack completely. This affects cooling effects significantly.
  2) Patented ice pack pouch - can adjust temperature.
      Made from environment friendly TPU.
      4 compartments - based on where you put the ice pack, temperature changes. You can choose one you feel most comfortable with.
     Silver-thread covered in one side - Anti condensation.
     Condensation - When you wear the ice vest, as time goes by waterdrops will appear around the ice pack. It’s INEVITABLE. In order to minimize condensation, this vest utilizes padded pouch.

patented ice pack pouch for temperature adjustment
<patented ice pack pouch for temperature adjustment>

4. Size - One size with 6 adjustable side straps(about 15cm).  

size of ice vest
<size of ice vest>

    Made from Polyester and Polyurethane.
    This vest is designed to be worn 'Short and Tight' because cooling effect is maximized when there is little space between your body and the vest.
    Front and back are connected with straps - comfortable and flexible in adjusting size.
    Vest is hand washable. / DO NOT wash the pouch.
size adjustable side straps of cooling vest 
<size adjustable side straps of cooling vest>

5. About 1.5kg when fully worn w ice packs.

6. We also have Helmet cooler and Ice bandana which go great with this bandana.

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